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Forthcoming articles

VOL I – Issue 2

Constraints on the Discretionary Power of Public Decision Makers
João Confraria

The Seasonality Structure of Portuguese Hotel Industry’s Demand, Prior to Covid-19 Pandemic
Sara Paralta & Bruno Maia

Assessing Ecoefficiency Ranking in Europe Using Stochastic Frontier Analysis
Victor Moutinho & João Serrasqueiro

The Cash-Flow-at-Risk in the Portuguese Hotel Industry Pre-Covid 19 Pandemic: A Monte Carlo Approach
José Magano, Rui Neves & Mário Coutinho dos Santos

The (Real) Option to Abandon a Project – What Have We Learned so Far?
João A. Ribeiro & João da Costa Filho

Banco Espírito Santo Resolution: The Good Versus the Bad Bank. Where is the Ugly?
Nuno Garoupa & Mário Coutinho dos Santos

Scoring Auctions: Are They the Key for Airport’s Slot Auctions?
Eduardo Cardadeiro & João Gata

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