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VOL II, Nº. 1, DECEMBER 2022

Who Cares About Sustainable Investments?
Victor Mendes

Diversification Relatedness and Economic Performance: Does the Resource Plasticity Channel Matter?
Jorge Humberto Mota & Mário Coutinho dos Santos

Portugal – China Geoeconomic Partnership: A Shot in the Dark?
José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes, José Magano, Richard Q. Turcsanyi & Ângela Leite

Financing Circular Economy Projects: A Clinical Study
João Pinto, Paulo Alves & Cláudio Castendo

Bank Capital Structure: Revisiting Evidence from the Field
Mário Coutinho dos Santos

ICObench Ratings and Initial Coin Offerings’ Success
Ana Brochado & Mariana Mergulhão

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