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VOL II, Nº. 2, JUNE 2023

Market-based Allocation of Airport Slots: the PAUSE Auction Mechanism and Extensions
Eduardo Cardadeiro, João Gata

Innovation and Firm Performance in Portuguese Municipalities: The Role of Patents
Carlos Oliveira, João Pereira dos Santos,  José Tavares

The Impact of the ECB’s PEPP on Euro Area Bond Spreads
João Pinto, Tiago Costa

Social Impact Bonds: A Review of Their Strengths and Weaknesses
Pedro Verga Matos, Tania P. Christopoulos

Prediction of the Brazilian Paralympic athletes` participation in London 2012 and Rio 2016 Paralympic Games
Alan de C. D. Ferreira, Ariel Behr, Carlos E. Schonerwald, Fernanda da S. Momo, Vera Pedragosa, Alberto R. R. Filho

Is There a Greenium in the Corporate Green Bond Market?
Paulo Alves, Euclides Lopes, João Pinto

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