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Generative AI

When authors use generative artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-assisted technologies in the writing process, they should use these technologies only to improve readability and language. The use of the technology should be done under human supervision and control, and authors should carefully review and edit the results, as AI can produce authoritative-sounding results that may be incorrect, incomplete, or biased. AI and AI-enabled technologies should not be listed as authors, co-authors, or cited as authors. Authorship implies responsibilities and tasks that can only be attributed to and performed by humans, as outlined in ERBE’s authorship eligibility.

Authors should disclose the use of AI and AI-assisted technologies in the writing process in their manuscript by following the instructions below. A statement will appear in the published paper. Please note that authors are ultimately responsible and accountable for the content of their work.

AI disclosure instructions

Authors must disclose the use of generative AI and AI-assisted technologies in the writing process by adding a statement at the end of their manuscript in the core manuscript file, before the reference list. The statement should be placed in a new section entitled “Declaration of Generative AI and AI-assisted Technologies in the Writing Process.

Statement: During the preparation of this work, the author(s) used [NAME TOOL / SERVICE] to [REASON]. After using this tool/service, the author(s) reviewed and edited the content as needed and take full responsibility for the content of the publication.

This statement does not apply to the use of basic tools to check grammar, spelling, references, etc. If there is nothing to disclose, there is no need to add a statement.

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