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Editorial Procedures and Review

Manuscripts submitted to ERBE are handled by an Editor and two Co-Editors, using an online manuscript management software system. Papers are submitted online electronically, processed by CICEE’s office staff, and then distributed by the Editor to one of the Co-Editors or to herself to oversee the refereeing process and to make a publication decision. Papers are assigned based on field of expertise of the Co-Editor, combined with a variety of other considerations including equalization of workload and conflict-of-interest rules.

Once assigned, papers are handled by the designated Co-Editor throughout the decision process. Before giving a revise and resubmit decision to any paper (or in case of doubt), the Co-Editor in charge will consult a second Co-Editor of his/her choosing. He/she remains the Co-Editor in charge and is free to decide however he/she wants but can use the input of the second Co-Editor to reach a decision or to provide input in a potential revision letter. If the paper is accepted, the main Co-Editor in charge will be identified in the acknowledgement note in the published article. Accepted articles will be permanently deposited in Camões – Repositório Institucional da Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa CENTRO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO EM CIÊNCIAS ECONÓMICAS E EMPRESARIAIS ERBE – European Review of Business Economics.

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