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Editorial Procedures and Peer Review

ERBE uses double anonymous peer review. Reviewers are chosen when they have the appropriate expertise to review the manuscript and should neither be current collaborators of the co-authors nor have published with any of the co-authors of the manuscript within the last three years; also, reviewers should be from different institutions to the authors. Reviewers are generally external, but can also be associated members of the associate editorial board.

Manuscripts submitted to ERBE are handled by an Editor and two Co-Editors, using the ScholarOne Manuscripts system. Papers are submitted online via ScholarOne, processed by the ERBE’s office administrator, and then distributed by the Editor-in-Chief to one of the Co-Editors or himself to oversee the refereeing process and to make a publication decision. Submitted papers are routinely screened for plagiarism with proper detection software before peer-review.

Papers are assigned based on the field of expertise of the Co-Editor, combined with a variety of other considerations, including equalization of workload and conflict-of-interest rules.

Once assigned, papers are handled by the designated Co-Editor throughout the decision process. Before giving a revise and resubmit decision to any paper (or in case of doubt), the Co-Editor in charge will consult a second Co-Editor of his/her choosing. He/she remains the Co-Editor in charge and is free to decide however he/she wants but can use the input of the second Co-Editor to reach a decision or to provide input in a potential revision letter.

Accepted articles are proofread by a native English-speaking professional proofreader and returned to the author(s) with a tracked version of the changes made in order to guarantee that each suggested change can be individually accepted by the author(s).

Accepted articles will be permanently deposited in Camões – Repositório Institucional da Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa CENTRO DE INVESTIGAÇÃO EM CIÊNCIAS ECONÓMICAS E EMPRESARIAIS ERBE – European Review of Business Economics.

Complaints and appeals

The Editors handle all complaints and appeals. ERBE is obliged to pursue a complaint once made as there could be a potential problem with an article.  The integrity of the article is the editors’ key concern. Also, allegations of misconduct pre-publication and post-publication are taken seriously and originate a rigorous investigation. whistleblowers’ identity is kept confidential. If justifiable, an article could be corrected, revised or retracted after publication.

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