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Editorial Guidelines

a) ERBE does not limit the number of words, but authors are strongly encouraged to keep manuscripts to less than 40 pages in total length, including tables and references;

b) The body of the manuscript and the references list should be in Times New Roman font, size 12 and 1.5 spacing; footnotes in in Times New Roman font, size 10 and 1 spacing 1;

c) Footnotes must be used instead of endnotes, and their number and length should be kept to a minimum;

d) Primary headings should be centered, using Roman numerals, and subsection headings should begin at the left margin;

e) Tables should be able to stand alone; column headings should be descriptive and easily understood;

f) All variables and abbreviations should be defined.

g) Tables and equations should be numbered with Arabic numerals, and figures with Roman numbers. Equation numbers should be enclosed in parentheses and placed in the right margin.

h) Each table or figure should be presented on a separate page; for publication purposes, figures must be available in electronic form;

i) Manuscripts should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

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